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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Corn Flour Tortillas

I have a lovely friend, Laura, who taught me how to make these wonderfully simple corn tortillas.  In addition to costing pennies compared to the store-bought corn tortillas, these taste SO much better!  You buy the Maseca flour, a special corn flour.  If I can buy it up here in Prince Edward Island, you should be able to locate it, too.  It was in the International section of the grocery store.  The tortillas are simple and easy to mix, flatten and fry.  Laura has a great tortilla press, but it works just as well to flatten between two cutting boards.  My 7-yr old can prep and press them all on his own! So fun! Enjoy!
Corn Flour Tortillas
Makes 8 tortillas
Set a frying pan over medium-heat.  This mixes together quickly, so you want the pan nice and hot when you’re ready to cook.
Mix together in a bowl, using a spoon or your hands:
1 cup Maseca flour (a special kind of white corn flour, likely sold in your international section)
¾ cup water
Dash of salt (optional, I prefer without)

This is what the Maseca flour bag looks like.

The dough should easily hold together when handled.  Separate into 8 even pieces. 
Roll each piece of dough into a ball and flatten with hands.
Using two flat cutting boards (or anything heavy/flat), layer as follows:
flat board, piece of plastic wrap, 1 piece of dough, another piece of plastic wrap, another flat board.  Press down to flatten.  You can even stand on the boards to help flatten the tortilla even more!  Fun!

Prepping to flatten, arranging the cutting boards with plastic wrap, and being flattened by my son.

After flattening, remove one side of the plastic wrap, and use the other to lift the flattened tortilla carefully onto your hand.   You can re-use the two piece of plastic wrap for the remainder of the dough. 

The more you press, the flatter your tortilla will become.  Notice how nicely the plastic wrap peels off the top, allowing you to keep re-using your two pieces of plastic wrap.

To cook: You want to place the tortilla into the warm frying pan.   The tortilla will cook maybe 10-20 seconds, until it easily slides around the pan.  Flip and cook the other side 10-20 seconds.  You will flip and cook the tortilla until you’ve cooked each side 3 times, for a total of about 1 minute per side.   Remove from pan and stack on a plate. 

They fry up so quickly and easily.  I use my fingers (as directed by my friend, Laura) to flip them over again and again. So easy and fun once you get the hang of it!

These are great with any taco-like fillings, like my recipe for regular tacos or pork carnitas tacos. You can use them for quesadillas, enchiladas, or wraps.
Filled with pork carnitas tacos and topped with lots of veggies and a little cheese! Yum!


  1. I´m glad you like them !!
    Your tacos look awesome.

    1. Thanks Laura! We've been so glad to know the flour is available here and make them at home!